Which President Declared America Bankrupt?

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    Well that's where people are fooled. Actually, the people as a whole own the land. Government just decided to take it away from us. I am on my first cup of coffee so don't remember which president - FDR, I think - Declared America bankrupt. Our land is on a lien to world bank (That's how we got the FED). When you pay taxes you are actually paying on a lien so large that we can't pay the interest off. To pay that interest off everyone would have to buy all rights when they buy their homes and most people don't even realize that they aren't included. You have to buy mineral, surface, forestery, and water rights to your property - that money goes to the debt principle instead of interest. If everyone were to do that - we would own our own homes again. So far nobody has brought a class action against either the Federal Gov or World bank for using what, and taking what was NOT theirs to deal with.