Which Poster Is Worse?

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Which Poster Is Worse?

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  2. B

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  1. A) Someone who posts articles and comments of substance, whether you agree with their position or that of the materials (i.e. articles, op/ed pieces, videos) they're posting, or;

    B) Someone who follows the former around, instead of ignoring them, and rather than posting constructive rebuttals to their opinions or those of the materials (i.e. articles, op/ed pieces, videos) they're posting, simply throws out one liner, lame responses, such as "How much does Baron pay you to post on ET?"

    Please vote for either A being worse, or B being worse. Thank you.

  2. Posting of articles helps to keep this site going. Whether you
    agree with them or not.
  3. Jumpshot


    I originally posted threads of disagreement in regards to Austin and Ericp. I honestly thought they were weak and could not take some critical comments.

    After posting a few threads of my own and getting attacked by obvious trolls and threadjackers, I now understand the points of Austin and Ericp.

    I noticed that one moderator keeps following me around calling me "Port". While others seem to believe I am Doug Allen, Roman Candle, and Aaron Copeland. There is one guy named Landis who has 7000 posts in the last 900 days. I looked through some of his threads and all of them are "threadjacking" posts.

    The Landis and moderator alias seem to post at the same time and really believe that I am someone else. I suspect they are the same guy. However, I post from a popular proxy site (web4proxy.com) for privacy reasons. I think they might be mistaking me for someone else as these proxy sites go through only a few free servers in the United States.

    In any event, this board has some serious trouble with trolls and troublemakers. Its only a few guys though who post under multiple aliases, follow people around and disrupt the board. Get rid of those people and you will have a good board. Better yet, just place them on ignore. I tried to put the moderator on ignore, but it doesnt allow me. Can we get the ability to put moderators on ignore?


    To take over the content of a message thread by changing the subject of discourse to a topic outside the purview of the original subject and/orforum, while maintaining the subject line. A form of amusement for trolls. Threadjacking is distinguished from flaming, as flames are a quasi-personal attack on a poster or on a poster's style of discourse, where threadjacking is deliberatly steering the discussion offtopic.
  4. Good comments all.

    I agree with everything said.

    I'd rather be on a forum where I disagree with everything said, but there is at least a constructive discussion, rather than one where the Landis's and stock_turder3s of the world hang around quipping substanceless one liners all day.

  5. Because you ARE Port1385. And after I pointed it out you created the alias "Mike Waggie" today (same exact IP and host) and then later you tried to imitate Jasonn with the nick "coldice12345". Again, same host - just to make this random threat:


    You can pretend to disguise yourself all you want, but you'll always be discovered in the end. Because no matter how many proxies you try to hide behind, your stupid self always shines through.
  6. ROTF ... :p

    I outed him here and he went to great pains to claim that he wasn't a multi-alias ... while picking up in his posting behaviours right where he'd left off with his previous alia(s). :D :eek:
  7. If an individual is sincerely posting an article or bringing up a topic that they are interested in discussing, and that relates to trading in some way shape or form; then I'm all for discourse and/or helping them out with understanding some concepts.

    However, that being said, I seem to sense that a lot of posters/shills of late are just popping in with a 'keyword' topic of the day for purposes of generating responses or views.
    It becomes readily apparent when a preponderance of new posters appear on the scene with questions on 'hot' topics, yet, they never seem to interact with the responses or genuinely seem interested in the answers. Occasionally, they will attempt to keep the thread going, with canned responses like, "ok, anything else?" or "what does anyone else think?"

    The blatant act of simply generating topics for the sake of creating activity is sort of irritating to some of us who take the time to actually gather information or generate detailed mathematical/experience based responses. That being said, it's quite apparent that this annoyance has lead some of the better thinkers to reduce their activity in responding to genuine posters.

    This has digressed to much more of an entertainment slum, than a legitimate trading site. I know I'm merely echoing sentiments of some of the few remaining intelligent posters that stick around to kill time (they've made an abundance of similar concerns apparent in this very feedback column).

    To the OP, I completely agree that it is also annoying when someone legitimately brings up a topic or article that is of interest (trading wise), and is shot down by a flaming troll, who often adds nothing useful to discussions either.

    Suggestion to mgmt: Stop with the cardboard 2D shills, or at least try to get them to sound half interested in engaging in the topics they open.
  8. Try taking a good look in the mirror, MORON.

    You were literally talking to yourself in back to back posts on the SAME thread here:

  9. "Port" busted once again with the alias of bruins1 which was registered yesterday.

    This person needs to be put into Bellevue Hospital, unless of course they are ALREADY there!
  10. I voted B, Despite numeric time I disagree with your opinionated/arrogant views, I will not disapprove your cut-and-paste postings, keep it up, let us be informed/irritated.
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