Which poker should I learn?

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by gaiusparx, Jun 26, 2008.

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    Thinking of learning to play poker but there are many poker variants. Which one should I pick up?

    If you walk into a casino in Vegas, which variant of poker people normally play?

    Any recommendation of a Poker PC Windows game?

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    poker in the front
    liquor in the rear
  3. Well, the obvious choice is Texas hold'em which is most popular in tournaments and live play. I would also recommend learning Omaha, which can be much more complex due to the hand combination possibilities and is fun for short handed play. You should be well-rounded though and not just focus on one game in my opinion.
  4. hold em is the most popular far and away probably the easiest to learn. I really enjoy seven card stud and omaha as well. I used to play cards in an illeagal gamblign club and every sunday night we would rotate the table and play dealers choice. (we had actual dealers to prevent cheating) I remember some thousand dollar pineapple pots, when it was my turn I would play hold em and choose four or five wild cards, it was great times man. ahhh the memories
  5. Ditto..
    play some hold em..
    and then when you give up all your money, learn to play Omaha Hi-Lo...that's the best game around..
    Plus, it will make you a much better holdem player...