Which platform are you using and why?

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  1. I always see people talking badly about Pats, so I was wondering which platforms is everyone using, and why?
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    Ive used CQG and Trademaven lately. Both have excellent Data feeds. CQG was very user friendly. Trademaven has alot of bells and whistles and is very cost effective for what it is. X trader is always good, just expensive
  3. I've looked at Trade Maven, and very briefly at CQG. It seems to me that almost all platforms have all the same "bells and whistles". Are there features unique to each platform?
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    Use whats most comfortable to you. Thats the most important thing.
  5. I am very comfortable with what I'm doing. Just trying to get a feel for whats out there and how I can expand on what I currently do.
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    I'm using BEST from PFG and pretty happy with that.
    I has a very user-frinedly interface and good fills.
    Anybody else using or used it?Any comments?
  7. Who do you use Trademaven through (if you don't mind saying)?
  8. I see that Best has a new platform available now, they call it Best Fast, and it's exactly like Trade Maven. Extremely easy to scalp with, especially compared to the stodgy old Best platform. There is a $50 monthly fee for it, and it includes some charts as well.

    The only thing I don't like about it is that it's hard to visually pick up the current price in the middle of the wheel. They need to highlight the price, like the original platform. They say the new version will be much easier to see, and should be out by the end of April.

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    ProActive Futures $49.95/month for the standard version. Really like it. CQG was good, just a bit plain
  10. the reason the PFG looks like trademaven because it is Trademaven.
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