Which picture will history judge ...

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    as best representing our unprovoked war in Iraq?


  2. You have to say, a pretty good shot though-even better dodge.

    Shoes aren't that easy to throw accurately.
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    That guy practiced his throw, I'd bet on it. He knew he'd have one last shot at Bush and he took it. I think he planned on being shot ("martyred") by the Secret Service.

    Good thing Bush stayed in shape, all that exercise paid off.

  4. Lol, yeah, how many times has he fallen off his mountainbike?
    The guy fell off a segway scooter, his unique ability with gravity is like a superpower or something.

    His reflexes were surprisingly good, but, getting closer to the ground in a hurry is his forte:D

    Martyrdom? Doubt it, he spent 4 nights in captivity via the shiite militia and us forces, its as obvious to him as anyone its a debacle, why should he be happy about it?
    I reckon many of the journo's in the room were thinking (remember how tight security is at these things) "Hey, i could hock a loogy from here, if i really wanted to".

    He just did take that, er, "step" to turf some loafers.

    No biggie. If he was serious, he would have bought bush a skateboard as a gift.......
  5. How history judges GW is very dependent on what occurs over the next four years, specifically with terrorism. If there are no attacks on U.S. soil, GW will be seen as a bum, maybe the biggest bum of all time. However, if there is even one attack, Bush will be seen as the guy who sacrificed everything to keep the country safe.
    Was the war, the broken economy, a fractured political system and so on worth it to keep the home land safe? Time will tell. I know this, no attacks wasn't all dumb luck.
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    Ah, that ol' fantasy: Bush has kept us safe since 9/11.

    That's crap. Not only did 9/11 happen on Bush's watch, so did the anthrax attacks ... AFTER 9/11. So did Muhammad and Malvo ... AFTER 9/11. So did other incidents.

    Bush couldn't even do the normal, expected thing of providing decent federal aid after Hurricane Katrina.

    "Bush has kept us safe." What a crock. We still don't know for a fact who was behind the anthrax attacks.

    The "justification" for shredding our liberties was alleged sure security and just as Benjamin Franklin predicted, we end up with neither liberty nor security.

  7. Once again for the 50th time Bush was only in office for 8 months prior to 9/11. The week security policies of Clinton deserves the most amount of blame.

    As for Katrina maybe if your liberal friends in New Orleans were smart enough to know that something really bad can happen when a category 4 hurricane is coming...

    Katrina was the number one biggest media liberal ploy ever. There were hundreds of people more responsible than the president during that crisis. Is Bush the mayor, governor, Fema?

    As for shredding liberties the patriot act is hardly that. Even if you think it is shredding liberties your hot stud Obama won't even think about getting rid of it.

    As for the Anthrax it would be impossible to heigthen security to an extreme just a few months after 9/11 especially when it comes to federal mail.

    Also how many bills did Bush sign to deregulate the financial industry? Zero. Clinton signed bills to deregulate the financial industry.

    The funny thing kut is that your blaming Bush about 9/11, Anthrax and the economy as if all of those crisis' were his fault. On the contrary it was Clinton's fault.

    The bottom line is that you may love and even get off on hating on Bush because of your sickening emotional connection with other disgusting uninformed under-developed liberals but Bush is nowhere near as poor a president as you think him to be.
  8. If anything, Bush's foray into Iraq primed the terrorist pump.
  9. Unbelievable. You continue to embarrass yourself at every opportunity that is presented to you. Did you not catch a single word either uttered or written by Richard Clarke?
  10. I really thought the election would spell the end of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Guess not. Maybe it's just more fun to attack Bush than contemplate the sordid corruption that Obama's chicago cronies will bring.
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