Which Path To Take CTA or Prop ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by tradervol, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. tradervol


    I would like to get some feedback as to what are the pros and cons of pursuing a CTA or working at a futures prop.

    I was formerly a broker and left the industry a number of years ago and began trading my account and family funds in the index futures

    I have a solid 2 yr track record 150%, 53% respectively with a max DD of 20% and DD recovery of just under 2 months.

    I was planning to trade privately for 1 more year before considering a CTA registration as I was informed you need a solid minimum of 3 yr track record before you can attract quality funds.

    Or would my energy better focused on interviewing with prop firms. What are the payout structures like? I need a firm that would be flexible to allow me trade remotely and overnight hours. Are there firms out there that would be that accommodative.

    The bottom line is I would like to access more funds than I have now which is a paltry 100k. With a mortgage, kids and other living costs even doubling my account every year its still pretty tough to save.

    Just weighing out the different aspects of the legal headaches and admin cost associated with a CTA versus prop.

    I appreciate any feed back.

  2. oh god, CTA if you can get it
  3. jsmooth


    I'm also curious about this....no CTA's in here, or any other comments???? thanks