Which party gets power from misery?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TGregg, Jun 27, 2009.

Which party gets power from misery?

  1. democrats

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  2. republicans

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  1. TGregg


    Double digit unemployment, hunger, crime, inflation, huge lines at the welfare office and misery as far as the eye can see. Which party gets more votes?
  2. The Globalists.
  3. We have seen that when education policies are put into place that help poor inner city kids, Obama kills it because he sees it as threat. How dare poor, inner city kids try to get an education?

    We have seen Bill Clinton victimize woman after woman and Hillary and the left-wing stood up and gave a round of applause.

    This is pure misery inflicted by the ruling elite of the democrats.
  4. recent polls, and polls of the past have shown that the most content are conservative, middle-aged, white males ...

    so, I guess this would make Democrats the more miserable of the two.

    I think this has less to do with money, considering rural america is overwhelmingly conservative, white and less affluent than your typical urban liberal snob wailing about "global warming",and championing the unrestricted death of fetuses and belief in god.

    Although, during downtimes or strife the majority seems to vote for "Hope" and "Change", until they wake up to the fact that the change seems hopeless. This should be around 2010.