which option training or service makes you profitable?

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    Just received an e-mail today about A. J. Brown from

    sounds too good to be true. it makes me think about all the option trainings and services. time to sum them up!

    which one really makes u a very profitable option trader?
  2. Oh man, thanks for the laugh. But that link should be in the joke section not the option forum. A kid who started reading about options in 98, then paper traded, and then got lucky on a few trades in 04 claims to be an expert of 9 years. Does anyone actually fall for this stuff?
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    Here are some potential stocks that have been found in Option Hunter 5.0, the scanning tool for use with Wizetrade for Options. These are stocks that are shown in our scanning software after running a wide-open LONG SCAN. This is just one of the scans that can be activated in our scanning software. In a matter of seconds, a number of stocks will appear which meet the criteria set up in the scan. There may be 10 stocks or more than a hundred. The numbers will vary with each scan that is activated, depending upon the criteria entered.

    URI - Great looking monthly chart, on increasing strength, Mid Term is slowing down, with good history, and the DAY has been moving up for about 10 days with a FRESH CROSS on the day. Consider an entry point after Day recycles to RED and then back to GREEN with a FRESH CROSS. ATR . $0.76

    TWI - Long Term Months showing bounce on increasing strength, Mid Term Weeks is now two weeks since the bounce and very good angle and separation. The Short Term DAY has great cycles every 2-3 days and currently has a FRESH CROSS on the day. Is up $0.68 on the day with an ATR of $0.89

    SPW - Great looking Long Term Month chart on increasing strength, Mid Term Week is showing increasing strength to the upside and the DAY chart is phenomenal, but caution should be exercised with the spike in volume today.
  4. No service makes you profitable nor does any training. If you do not have the skill and ability yourself then you might as well rub your lamp all day waiting for the white genie.

    Laziness is not a trait of a successful trader.

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    Who said anything about laziness?

    The shortest learning curve with any profession is to follow a successful mentor. One of the problem with learning trading is many not so good or even bad traders are teaching in my opinion.
  6. A good mentor is not selling their "Services" for $99 a month in a newsletter with option picks. That is an advisory service that could not make money with its own system so decides to sell it for a monthly fee.
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    There are trading tools all over the internet, some better than others. However, they don't come with instructions and you must make an effort to learn any tool, if it is to be effective for you.

    Charts, trading software, options......all of this takes time to learn and the more support you have with these tools, the less time it takes to learn.
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    That looks like a good book.

    Here is something else for FREE. Go to www.wizetradetv.com and sign up for the FREE 30 day trial and watch OPTIONS training live in the market each and every trading day. The only thing you need is an email address.

    Great FREE resource!:)
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