Which online brokers can I do international trades inexpensively?

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  1. So far the only company that I see where a person can do online trades internationally is interactive brokers....

    The problem I have with interactive brokers is that they charge you fees if you are not a active trader........Also interactive brokers doesn't have a office where a person can just walk in and give them the a money order etc.....

    Can some1 give me some suggestions on which brokers do online trades internationally.... like the uk, aus, canada sweden etc, etc, etc... :confused:
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    Even if you are an active trader there are hidden fees IB will hit you with if you trade foreign markets.They will call some of these fees "interest".To be fair,I suspect all brokers do this.Pisses me off they dont put the whole deal up front and in your face.
  3. Thanks nonam for your response ....do u know of any other online brokers that trade internationally "online" besides interactive brokers and which countries???
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    I recommend you go to the elite trader home page and click on "more broker ratings"
  5. What in the world are you guys talking about? IB doesn't charge anything to keep an account open other than $10 per month for data, and then only if you don't have $30 per month in commissions. If you don't have that, you're not really a serious trader.

    There are no interest charges either, so I don't know what that's in reference to.
  6. I would like to know of a good international broker too. I would say if you are trading futures you could look at daytradeaustria.com, I don't have a need to call the just yet. Small firm compared to IB. Or Thales Securities out of Panama, but their commissions seem expensive to me.

    Not hijacking the thread, but if you trade with an American Broker with an IBC do they withold taxes or do you show exempt? I would rather go that route as there are alot of good American brokers as opposed to digging for an international broker.
  7. dandxg I would call IB....1 of the 3 guys that answers the phone there is really smart he knows his stuff....I would also email ib that question........

    P.S I can't believe no1 knows of any online international brokers that trade stocks !!! Some1 out there has to know!!!!!! who who who lol :D
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    It depends Interactive Brokers gives you mostly Stock and Futures and options in Europe and USA, and some Asian Countries.
    There is also Boom Securities. www.boom.com they are situated in Hong Kong and give you access to many Asian Markets, and they do have a direct access program, but you will have to pay for it. You even can fund your account with dollars, and do automatic conversions when you buy foreign stocks.
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    Nonam, there are no hidden fees at IB. The interest charge you are talking about is if you are short a currency. If you have a debit in a currency, IB is lending you money. I'm sorry but we are not a charity. However, if you look at the credit interest rates and margin rates we charge, you'll note that we are extremely fair and perhaps the best in the business.

    On another note, we are launching Japanese stocks. They should be available either today or tomorrow.
  10. I am sooooo suprised with all the people on here that no one knows of a better broker to trade with internationally than IB ....there has to be......

    p.s. with the person who said boom, they don't have a usa number :(

    i am looking to trade all around the world inexpensively where else can i go people!!!!
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