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  1. ITR2744


    Configured two systems (Attention, it's for switzerland, so you might don't have this specs):

    Dell Vostro 400 MT
    - Intel® Core™ 2 Quad-Core Q6600 Processor (2,40 GHz, 1.066-MHz-FSB, 8 MB Cache)
    - XP Professional
    - 2048 MB 667 MHz Dual-Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2 x 1024]
    - 256 MB ATi® Radeon™ HD 2600 XT-Graphic Card
    - 250 GB (7.200 U/Min.) Serial-ATA-Harddisk with 8 MB DataBurst™-Cache
    - 16x DVD+/-RW-DIsk

    1270 CHF (1209 $)


    Dell Precision T 3400 Base
    - Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 375W, E4500 (2.20GHz, 800MHz, 2MB L2 Cache, Dual Core)
    - XP Professional
    - ECC DDR2-SDRAM with 2 GB and 667 MHz (2 x 1,0 GB DIMM)
    - 256 MB PCIe x16 nVidia Quadro NVS 290, DVI- oder VGA-GraphcCard for two monitors (ULGA8)
    - 160 GB Serial ATA-II-Harddisk (7.200 U/min) with NCQ
    - 48X CDRW/DVD

    1029 CHF (970 $)

    Both systems with 2x20" Dell UltraSharp 2009WFP (Buy one get one for 50%): 477 CHF + 238.50 CHF = 715.50 CHF (681 $)

    Total System Vostro: 1985 CHF (1890 $)
    Total System Precision: 1734 CHF (1650 $)

    Besides the price, which one would you buy? I tend to order the Precision. Is the nVidia NVS ok with the two Ultrasharps?


  2. jho


    Personally I would spend the extra money and go for the first system (Vostro with Q6600). But then again I'm a geek so....
  3. ITR2744


    ok, I have the option to get the Q6600 in the Precision for +191 $. Then the two systems are +/- same price... makes the decision not easier! Is the Precision generally of a better quality?
  4. jho


    What other processor options do you have? Can you get the E8400 or the E6850 for cheaper than the Q6600?
  5. ITR2744


    since I don't know the differences between the CPU, I am really glad you help me:

    No, Q8400 is not available (only Q8200, +112$ to Q4500)
    Q6850 is +280 $ (to Q4500)
  6. jho


    Sorry I meant the E8400 and the E6850.

    E = Dual Core
    Q = Quad Core

    If those are your only choices I would stick with the Q6600.
  7. ITR2744


    Ah, I messed up:
    E6850 and E8200... Then I will stay with Q6600!

    But since both systems are equipped with Q6600 for nearly the same price => Vostro or Precision?
  8. jho


    They look essentially the same but I don't know what the motherboard is like, where is gnome when you need him, he is the Dell expert. Does the precision not have a DVD burner?
  9. ITR2744


    quote gnome: "...suggest Precision T3400... much better mobo." (From the recent thread: Dell Vostros for Trading)

    sorry for this stupid question:

    1) 48x CD-ROM-drive + 48x DVD-ROM/CD-RW-combodrive [+40 $]

    2) 16x DVD-ROM-drive +16x max. DVD+/-RW-drive [+60 $]

    3) 48X CDRW/DVD [included...)

    In my configured system, 3) is included but can it write/burn CDs? I'm quite confused...
  10. 1. NVS 285/290 are fine for 2, UltraSharps up to 1920x1200 DVI.

    2. Q6600 has been a very popular and well-liked CPU. You couldn't go wrong with it. Q6600, E8200, E6850 are all very good and fast.

    3. The E8xxx is reviewing very well. The E8xxx series is entirely replacing the E6xxx series.

    4. Q6600 draws about 20Watts more than E8xxx at idle, and up to about 60Watts more at full load.

    5. Base Precision T3400 comes with 48x CDR. A 16x DVD+RW is available as upgrade. If optic drive is described as "RW", then it can burn media.

    6. The Precision T3400 has a MUCH better mobo than Vostro. If you're planning to eventually run 3 or 4 monitors, T3400 is the definite choice.
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