Which one(s) are YOU?

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    1. Rigid/stubborn. Force a trade that isn't there.
    2. Ignornant. Know nothing about the issue.
    3. Arrogant. Won't admit an error.
    4. Myopian. Eternally hopeful.. Perma-bull
    5. Hesitant. Indecisive. Procrastination.
    6. Under-capitalized. Too large position size.
    7. Over-confident. Stay at the party too long.
    8. Tight. Quibble over fills or excessive waiting for a price.
    9. Anxious. Frequent quotes.
    10 .Masochists. Need to have someone to blame. Excuses.
    11. Plungers. Kamakazee.
    12. Cowards. Depend on others' ideas
    13. Sports. Need action. Hyperactive Over-trading.
    14. Divorcee. Roving eye. Can't hold a position.
    15. Smart. Outdo others. Make simple concepts complex. Seek perfection.
    16. Socialite. Purchases for purposes other than making money. Need to be right. Buying what everyone else is. Apple comes to mind.
    17. Hedgers. Ultra-conservative. Mediocre returns at best.
    18. Contrarian. Just for the sake of taking the other side.

    Long term stats: 10% consistent winners. 40 to 50% boom then bust. 30 to 40% consistent
    losers (until they're gone).

    I posted this 4 or 5 years ago and received a host of smart ass remarks. Let's (figure of speech) see IF they're sitll here.
  2. I admit to knowing nothing about the issues I trade. :cool:
  3. That's the closest to my philosophy. Cowardice is a good trait in trading, so is plagiarism.

  4. FIND all of the above\Replace with .....


    = Smoke on the water, a fire in disguise :)

  5. Handle123


    18. Contrarian. Just for the sake of taking the other side.

    Always found in my youth, trending trading had ragged price action. Market exhaustions, climatic bars and volume just seemed right to me, Risk to reward was much more favorable, it was never looking for big profits, just more dependable trades.
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  6. NoDoji


    "You can call me Al."
  7. Redneck


    Splitting the difference; going 2 & 12

    Just a dumbass, that doesn't like being first or unique when it comes to trading

  8. Eight


    15... wasted a lot of time backtesting stuff that really makes no sense now that I understand more...
  9. jinxu


    You forgot #19:

    19. The Chosen One.
  10. There's something to be said for being first, or shall we say early, in a correct trade. Slighly MORE profit. Repeat and repeat and you'll see the beauty of compounding. Position sizes will get bigger and bigger. So will the stress.

    The trick of course is "correctness".

    We're ALL unique.
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