Which one of you guys made this reddit post

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  2. #5 disqualifies me as being author. :)

    but i know a jackass like that real well.
  3. fan27


    The guy has some valid points. Most traders fail because they do not have an edge/alpha. They copy the approaches of other losing traders or snake oil peddlers and of course get losing results. There are of course exceptions...usually people who have devoted years of work to this endeavor.
  4. More like one of the members of this forum 10 years ago.There were few people here with this quality.

    It's hard not to like some of the comments, like always where money is involved.
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  5. traider


    100M is quite low if he claims to use advanced techniques to harvest alpha. I've seen beta funds managing much more money...

    But I guess he must be frustrated with the avg redditer.
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  6. I think his mistake was thinking he can go on reddit and find some neckbeard giving away a new source of alpha. So he is frustrated because he's probably not performing and is getting called out for it.
  7. I'll take his advice, and I'll not take his advice. The literature in his/her message is a little contradicting.
  8. He's not exactly impressed with you computer geeks in point 4
    Good reason to badmouth him.
    He says you guys are full of sh*t and you say he is useless LOL
  9. JSOP


    I don't even know what's "ML" so it's definitely not me. LOL To me, I can never understand why a software engineer who's already making six figures and has pretty much guaranteed jobs anywhere he/she goes would want to give up all for a career that has not only non-guaranteed income but guaranteed losses for unpredictable x amount of years especially if you have family and responsibilities.
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  10. Lee-


    I'm a software developer who makes six figures, but I have a deep passion for the markets. I have a lot of skills (that are actually not common for a single person to have in tech) that go to complete and utter waste on the projects that I do work on for my job. I find the market completely fascinating. I'm not aware of any other industry that could take advantage of my skill set and my interests. That said, I don't work in finance, but absolutely want to. I'm an incredibly competitive person and I'm bored out of my mind with the type of software development I do. I need a challenge and simply don't get that with what I do now. I also don't enjoy working with others that are mediocre at best.

    I suspect most software developers looking to work in this field are just trying to get rich quick (which may or may not work of course). I just have a different perspective. I feel like I'm throwing my life away by not taking advantage of what I'm capable of. I need to be challenged and I'm not getting that out of non-finance software dev jobs. It's frustrating.

    EDIT: I realize that mostly came off as a rant, but it's intended to give you my perspective as a software developer. I'm sure I'm not alone on those points.
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