which one is better?- Forex or HYIP

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  1. hello friends,

    I have spent much time in HYIP before starting trading in forex. I have joined a lot of HYIP programs, At first, I have got some profit, but I have lost much money in HYIP eventually because all HYIPs I joined turned into scam . So I have gave them up.

    In my opinion, forex is more stable than HYIPs, and it not easy to be controlled by certain person. But for HYIP programs, we are in a passive possition once we invested money, and we don't know how does they process our money.

    What about you- HYIP? Did you invest before :D
  2. I do invest with HYIP but it was a total loss for me. I was very happy when get daily profit but after reinvest my amount it was vanished from web . I do believe on forex here I know my profit and loss that I am operating it no one is doing it. Forex is more reliable than HYIP.
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    If your comparing forex to the ponzi scheme that is HYIP; you are retarded.
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  4. lol you know ET is at a new low when HYIP are being discussed.

    How about you give me your start up capital and let me kick you in the balls instead?

    The results should be about the same either way.
  5. Hyips are not good for new investors because they are not reliable and the just run with your money while forex has regulated brokers and money is more safe than hyips.
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    Most of them said hyip is better than forex. But I am not considered that and I don’t know why I like to involve in hyip investment. In the beginning, I invest money in hyip site before recognize everything about hyip program. I was loss much amount. So, I focus that kind of standard investment sites only and I was overtaken my loss. Finally, you are careful to invest your money in forex and hyip. It both has same risk.
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    no doubt forex online trading for sure. i have a past experience with hyip for years before forex trade. simply is, at hyip you has no control upon your investment, once your deposit sent, consider it's a long gone one, because there's a huge chance those hyip will trun into scam, period .
    but when do forex online trading, you gain total control upon your investment, you can stop your losses anytime, you can put any order,price, pair as you want. and you can cash out anytime you needed to.
    better have deep research about how forex trading works, it;s a derivative investment program, fx trading equipped with feature called leverage, which hyip doesnt have.
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    I got cheerful to read your brilliant points about forex discussion. But, I don’t understand after got much experience why you can’t find out authority hyip investment site. So, you first analyze which investment site will properly return money in online or else you can start hyip business after purchase secure hyip script.
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    I've been active with hyip once before moved to forex trading, even i plan to made a hyip program. any monitoring site, any forum which provide hyip are all linked, a business partnership among hyip owner, hyip monitoring site, hyip forum, and even coder. it;s all about money cycle.. they invest on their hyip promotion, paid for goldcoder script.
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    At any time, you must careful to select investment site in online and analyze it is profitable to your business or not.
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