which one is best-suitable real-time chart software with reasonable price?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by chlwogur, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. chlwogur


    I just want a simple and reliable chart software whatever java-based or something like that. but mostly those want to
    I simply just want chart-focused software

    Usually I am in Nasdaq.
    so following are basic required.

    - reliability (NO often shutdown, breakdown)
    - quick respond and change
    - basic studies
    - easy zoom in/out and re-framing
    - good drawing tools
    - simple UI
    - reasonable price

  2. maxpi


    The free version of NinjaTrader has pretty good charting and you can't beat the price..
  3. chlwogur


    thank you maxpi for your reply

    I already used NinjaTrader and QuoteTracker. but both were needed data feed or broker for charting data displaying. and it also needed fee.

    Can I get RT Chart software WITHOUT data feed or free data feed?

    for example, AlphaTrade's E-Gate could be worked without data feed. Am I right?
  4. j-trader

    try alphatrade , they usually have a 14 day trial ,i didnt really like alphatrade
  5. EliteEd


    IB account will provide data feed for Ensign and run you about $40/mo. Fairly extensive charting capabilites, and may be more than you need. Depends on what you consider reasonable.
  6. There is no free real time data feed out there. You will either have to use your brokers data feed (like IB) or subscribe to a real time service.
  7. MACD


    Opentick data feed is free depending on what markets you need. If you need more market data real time then OpenTick has very reliable data available at lowest prices anywhere.

  8. sh8ker


  9. I use Sierra chart and like it, I'm not experienced on all the different charting packages out there like a lot of these guys are though. I use the broker data feed and run a separate IQ data feed on another sierra chart running at the same time. From my own experience it is worth the few extra dollars a month for the back up data feed, plus you get all the market internals that the broker feeds sometimes don't have.
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