which oil etf you like best?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by pumpanddumper, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. OIL, OIH, or PXJ

    I haven't really messed with oil etf's too much but which moves more in pace with the crude price?
  2. Forgot USO .
  3. S2007S


    PXJ, traded it many times around the 17.50 area.
  4. USO should track crude price nicely.
  5. Ansare


    the Claymore MacroShares Oil Down and Oil Up ETF's, which are UCR and DCR.

  6. You signed up to ET just to post that message?

    Those ETFs are highly illiquid and track crude terribly.

    "The price-NAV discrepancies in UCR and DCR are, in both absolute and percentage terms, among the largest ever seen in ETF history."

  7. Thanks, I think OIL and PXJ work the best in relation to crude price and will stick with those. Hopefully it will drop below $60 a barrel today.
  8. Ansare


    No, no, I certainly did NOT sign up to ET just so I could post that message.

    I signed up so morons like you could get all pouty and silly because I simply answered a question. I did not say they were good or bad but that he might want to consider them. You DO know the difference between the two, right?

    Please tell me I have more clever comments like yours to look forward to, because it will just thrill me all to pieces.

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    Maybe there's a rule about what first time posters are allowed to post?, don't worry I missed that rule too:D
  10. OP's question:
    "which moves more in pace with the crude price?"

    Your reply:
    "the Claymore MacroShares Oil Down and Oil Up ETF's, which are UCR and DCR. "

    I don't see the "might want to consider" part you're referring to, in your otherwise blatantly false answer to the OP's question..
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