Which of the following rotates around the Earth

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  2. Watch the French version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"
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    That's pretty freakin' ignorant. Has the American version displayed cluelessness on that scale?
  4. he must be a bible believing christian.
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    It seems one doesn't have to be French or "a bible believing christian" to be stupid:

    Anyone with a modicum of intelligence would have noticed that the English translation was incorrect. The moon does not "rotate" around the earth - it "revolves"...
  6. You must've been his teacher

  7. Moon rotates = 1,540,000 goog results

    Moon revolves = 1,240,000 goog results

    Let's ask the Goog audience

    Moon rotates around the earth 1,660,000

    Moon revolves around the earth 996,000
  8. On dictionary.com:

    –verb (used with object)
    1. to cause to turn around an axis or center point; revolve.


    –verb (used without object)
    4. to turn around on or as if on an axis.
    5. to proceed in a fixed routine of succession: The sentries rotated in keeping watch.
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    It comes as no surprise that it falls to me to shine some intelligence upon this matter. Bearing an IQ of 140 is a burden at times, and the parade of libtard lunacy never ends.

    I don't speak French other than "Parley vou francias?" or however one spells it. But I am equipped with a brain, which is why I am not a democrat. With a slight amount of gray matter, let's examine this footage. I'll try to go slow for the libtards.

    The question is "Qu'est-ce qul gravite autour de la Terra?"

    Gravite does not equal rotate. Or orbit. It's gravity. They are asking something very much like which body's gravity is the strongest on Earth.

    The OP has shown himself to be one who cannot think for himself. In other words, a typical libtard.

    Hmm, that wasn't very slow. I tried. Honest I did. The left is impervious to everything from www.littlegreenfootballs.com to www.rushlimbaugh.com. But visit those sites, if only to PO losers like this OP.
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    Astronomers and other scientists sometimes use ordinary words but with different or more limited meaning attached. The words "rotate" and "revolve" are examples of this: To an astronomer, "rotate" = spin around an axis that runs through you, and "revolve" = orbit about another object.


    Zoom Astronomy Dictionary:


    When an object rotates, it turns around a central point or axis. One planetary day is defined as the time it takes the a planet to rotate around its axis.


    Revolution is the movement of one object around another. For example, the revolution of the Earth around the Sun takes one year.


    StarChild Glossary:


    The spinning of an object on its axis.


    The circling of a smaller object around a larger object.


    Science of this World Online:


    Rotation is spinning. All of the objects in our solar system rotate. When something spins, we can imagine a line through the object that stays in the same place as it spins. This line is called the axis* of rotation. For Earth, the axis of rotation goes through the north and south poles.


    Revolution is the movement of a smaller object around a larger one. All of the objects in our solar system revolve* around the sun or revolve around something that revolves around the sun. Revolution is based on the center of gravity between the two objects. We say the Moon revolves around the Earth.



    When a planet orbits a star it is said to make revolutions around that star. Planets revolve around the star and rotate around their axis.



    The planets orbit the sun in the same counterclockwise direction. A planet's year is the time required for it to complete one full orbit around the sun. This is referred to as the planet's revolution. All the planets rotate about their own axes as they revolve around the sun.
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