Which NYSE stocks to trade?

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  1. I am fairly new to trading NYSE after switching over from Nasdaq. I am looking for good recommendations for stocks to trade that are liquid while I learn execution skills and how to read and trade the NYSE stocks. THey trade a lot different than nasdaq for short term trading.

    I have traded GE, C, and some WMT. Did not like GE. After coming from Naz stocks it is way to slow. It is good for limiting risk but also limited upside. Any suggestions would be great. You can also PM if you do not want to mention the stocks in the public forum for some reason.
  2. if you are just looking for stocks to trade, you need some kind of stock screening tool. It doesn't have to be fancy, TC2000 will do the job.
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    I like BAC, moves around alot.
  4. Watch the lower and mid-volume NYSE. They trade differently than big caps. The inside bid/ask size matters more, and the nyse open book is more helpful.

    It all comes down to you and what you trade the best.
  5. i hate JPM most days. you might want to fade me. 20 cent ticks work against you as often as for you.
  6. As claification I want to look at the same 3 or 4 stocks. I don't want to really jump around everyday to something new. It would help if they trade with the futures since I am use to trading like that with nasdaq stocks. Thanks for the replies so far.

  7. Why do you recommend the lower and mid-volume stocks? My only concern is being able to get out when I am wrong. I have been trying to scalp the big-cap stocks so far. Thanks for your input.
  8. in that case you may want to look at beta and do a correlation study.....markettopology had a search for free, but i think they're charging for it now...most general web-based scans will allow you to filter stocks by volume,beta,share price etc.
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    I don't know if this url will work, but it's a great free screening tool.

    Scroll to the bottom, on the right, choose "Deluxe Stock Screener"
    Scroll down again and click on "download MSN Money Deluxe."

    then "i see the chart"

    and then you arrive at the screener
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