Which NEWS SOURCE do you use while trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sunggong, Mar 15, 2008.

Which news source do you use while trading?

  1. CNBC

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  2. Bloomberg

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  3. FOX Business

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  4. No TV while trading

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  5. Message Boards (ET, Yahoo Finance, etc)

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  6. Don't care about the latest news. I just trade.

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  1. I usually have CNBC on but with no sound, but I'm thinking about turning off the TV and just trade.

    Any alternatives (Internet-based) to watching CNBC??? (I don't get Bloomberg on my cable.)
  2. Lucrum


    If I have a TV I will have CNBC or Bloomberg turned on with the volume down low. Until those bafoons on CNBC start arguing, then I mute it for awhile.
    I do like to know WHEN the news is coming out, economic reports and such, but I care far far more about the markets reaction to the news than the actual news itself. I would rather focus on the price and volume action than try to interpret the news AND guess how it will affect the market.
  3. craigs21


    I watch cnbc for late breaking news. I wish I had bloomberg to see how they do with up to the minute breaking news. The online guys are too slow for me.