which new book can you suggest?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by rafael3000, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. I need some up to date book on trading, any suggestions?
  2. Well, it depends what knowledge you have of the market, what instruments you wanna trade and how you are gonna trade your market of choice.

    I, talking for myself, never bought any book but had already basic economic background and collected as many info I could from the web and business tv. Generally info available on books are available on the net and they cost you nothing.

    I never felt the need to buy books, but on my side I had as much time to dedicate to learning as I wanted.

    This doesn't mean that books are good for nothing but there's a lot of trash out there and you need to be careful no to waste $$.
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    What do you trade (Stocks, Futures, etc.)? How often do you trade and on what timeframe (Intraday or End-Of-Day)?

    Having read so many trading books, I am sure I can recommend something for you.
  4. the older (original publishing date) the better...
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    I wish I had read about 2 or 3 books and spent the rest of my time looking at charts.
  6. Possibly in the making.
  7. I've read the following (not in any order):

    Trading for a living (+Audio)
    Come into my trading room
    Both Van Tharp's books
    Trading in the Zone
    Secrets of the Underground Trader (1st half)

    My favorites are the last two. Trading in the zone is about mind set and Secrets of the Underground trader is about trading setups, it's so hard to find books about setups sheesh.

    The other books really didn't do anything for me but I did like listening to Trading for living. Something you can do on your spare time.
  8. Market Wizards 1 and 2

    Nicolas Darvas: How I Made 2.000.000 in the Stock Market

    Jesse Livermore: How to trade in Stocks

    Edwin Lefevre: Reminiscenses of a Stock Operator

    Dickson G. Watts: Speculation as a fine Art and thoughts on Life

    Bernard M. Baruch: My Own Story
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    re;rafael3k new book question

    3] Top Trader books by Jack Schwager;
    all 3

    3.33] Dr. Van Tharp;
    Both older trading books.

    3.333]Benard Baruch,Charles Dow,Gerald Loeb ,
    George Seaman 1933 rules, these chapters in;
    Wall Street Wisdom by Samson Coslow.


    Wisdom is the principal thing
    -Solomon,trader king
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