Which MSc for trading?

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    Hey guys,

    Im enrolled in a BSc Business & Economics programm in Germany at the moment and have made work experience during internships with csfb and lehman so far - m&a both.

    Now I will have to decide which european master programs would be right for me, if I want to change business and land a good trading job.

    I consider whether to take a more quantitative master (MSc Quantitative Finance / Msc Quantitative Economics & Finance) or an usual corporate finance and economics master (MSc Finance & Accounting / MSc Finance & Economics).

    What would be best from experience?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I would strongly advise the Finance & Economics route.

    All the best.
  3. An accounting degree would be best if you're interested in only trading.

    To me economic data usually means squat.
  4. The very best trader in the world, Paul Tudor Jones has a Masters in Business Administration, and the other best trader George Soros has a Masters in Economics.

    Thus, it doesn't matter which Masters, all you need is a Masters if you aspire to be one of the very best traders that you can possibly be.
  5. Umm.. .can you elaborate on that line of thought?
  6. PTJ does not have a MBA
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    I wasnt talking about becoming a good trader but landing a trading job at a top IB as a start.