Which motorcycle?

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    Can someone tell me which motorcycle(s) allows one not to have to lean forward, like this one? This seems like a comfortable riding position.

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  3. Cruisers?
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    I don't do anything half way, pal. :D Well, ok, no tattoos for sure.
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    No I want a sport bike.
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    Most of the sport bikes require the rider to lean forward with some of your weight on your wrists. Great for racing and maneuvering at higher speeds by uncomfortable (for most) on longer rides.

    Cruisers and touring bikes generally have a more up right seating position.
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    You could hit the sport touring area of the market. Yamaha's FJR 1300, Triumph Sprint ST,have more of lean forward position than upright, or full lean over. If you go a pure sport bike you may find your wrists get sore after a riding even for shorter periods. A Kawasaki Ninja 14 has somewhat of a more sport tour position, but is closer to sport. It also has a ton of power, and could get you in trouble(as in crash and burn) real easy if you haven't ridden a bike in awhile, or ever. The insurance for it will be nasty also.
    I like the Triumph Sprint myself, but there are any number of bikes out there that would fit the bill.
  8. Get longer handle bars:D
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    Ok ok, thanks for the replies. I guess I should have been more specific. How is it, that Tom Cruise who I believe is approximately 5' 4", doesn't have to lean that much on that sport bike in that picture? Did they do a custom job on the bike? Maybe he is leaning more than I think he is...

    Maybe it is as simple as getting slightly longer handlebars....
  10. 1) ?......CGI? :confused:
    2) What about the motorcycle with two wheels upfront and one wheel in the back? :confused:
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