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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Sanity, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Sanity


    i was wondering of the dow, s&p, and naz minis, which ones have people had the most luck with, i know each one has its own points on given days, but i was just wondering what the general opinion was...
  2. If you trade the Mini-Dow (CBOT a/c/e) then you don´t have
    to worry if Globex is going to break down another time or not.

  3. sammybea


    I barely remember if globex broke down last :confused:

    Normally if there is a problem, its with your broker regardless of what exchange you are dealing with. Globex breaking down would be a huge deal since it is vital to the futures markets, and since it just doesn't happen.
  4. Oooh, it happens a lot. Although usually during night session.

  5. ES (Spoo minis) are by far the most liquid, and for me the easiest to trade. I have a hell of a time with NQ for some reason. Many people here are just the opposite. Not many Dow traders yet (on a relative basis), but it may catch up.

  6. dbphoenix


    Depends on what you want. Your success or failure will depend in part on whether you're a scalper or a trend-trader. Also whether you're trading multiple lots or one. Your triggers and how you place your stops will also be an influence. And, of course, whether or not you're a daytrader.

    But even if you choose to trade only one, it's a good idea to watch both since they tend to move in tandem. There are sometimes small differences, however, which can lead to profit. Today, for example, the ES closed its gap, while the NQ did not. If you were trading the NQ, you could use the action of the ES as a cue to exit the NQ position at the bottom of its arc.

  7. Foz


    No. The difference in liquidity between the ES and NQ is negligible for the retail trader. Both are 1 tick markets during regular trading hours.
  8. cheeks


    For me: neither

    I can't trade those things to save my life. Thank god, I am not a daytrader.:)
  9. Spoos have over twice the volume as NQ. Does it make a difference to the retail trader? Probably not. I would argue that the difference between these and the DOW does though. For active scalpers anyway. The original question was inquiring about all three markets.

    As for one tick markets, this is nothing new in futures.

  10. Liquidity is an advantage, definitely. You can set your stops tighter so your risk:reward is better. Suppose that the NQ is due for a retracement, so you sell, then some idiot buys 1000 contracts and blows your stops but then the market tanks anyway. You have to use wider stops for less liquid markets. That's the beauty of the ES/SP: clean moves, less noise, less manipulation.
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