Which Master's?

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  1. I can't decide if I should go get a masters in computer science, mathematical finance, or statistics. Any pros/cons to each? Thoughts??? Thanks guys!
  2. Sounds like you want to take a Quant's approach... ??

    I'd suggest none of those, but rather Forensics... you know, observation, logic and deduction? Those always play well in the markets.

  3. Mathematical finance - you'll find both stats and comp sci in it.
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    math finance from a top school in a key location. ie. uchicago, nyu
  5. i got my BMath in computer science. i found that after learning in depth the theory behind cs and being well versed in mathematics because of the degree requirements, I picked up finance aspect of quant fairly easily after graduation.

    unless you are already have a very strong CS background i doubt either other masters programs will give you the CS tools required to research quant successfully.

    i could be wrong.
  6. I have a much better suggestion for you :

    after you blow up your first Million in the markets you WILL know what to go for !
  7. Not sure. Which did these guy do?

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    Um, not a good example. Each of those guys dropped out of college after 2 (two) years... never mind Master's degree.

    The only logical conclusion: education is to success / wealth / power as mother-in-law is to honeymoon.
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    Don't go anywhere unless its free.
  10. I would recommend this program, it would set you apart from thousands of quants and want to be analysts out there...

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