Which markets to trade on-line

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  1. Which futures markets can be traded on-line that have a small spred and enough volumn to be pratical? Besides the E-mini.
    It seems the pits won't give up without a fight.
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    Depends on how your online broker gets the order to the pits. If they have personnel in the pits with hand held TOPS "type" devices the fills will be surprisingly quick (on marketable orders).
  3. Forget market orders in most Futures pits. Especially the New York markets.
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    Read again what I said, I said "marketable orders" not market orders, big difference.
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    keep in mind most futures markets outside of the US are electronically traded. In the states Nasdaq and currency futures are quite liquid. In additon, A/C/E keeps launching new products, some of which are doing quite well. The exchanges will certainly put up a fight but.... time is not on their side.