Which market should you trade?

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  1. Which market is the best to trade for a newbie? The NQ, YM, ES?? Alex discusses this topic from the viewpoint of a newer risk averse trader. Here is the link below:

    Flash VIDEO: http://www.puretick.com/video/bestindex

    (repost requested, old thread was currupt)

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  2. is there a written version available...seriously and not joking...easier to scan through...please advise...thanks...
  3. No but good idea and I will send this request to Alex. Yes good idea since this involves figures.


  4. thanks...will look for the update here on this thread...thanks...
  5. Bankster


    second that motion
  6. Yes, Text version will be useful.
  7. how is it coming along?we are all waiting
  8. Got the request.

    This is a bit busy time.

    I will personally compile it. Give me a week or so OK?

    Right now I am finishing a chapter in an upcoming trading book.

    I am preparing to take delivery on an aircraft.

    We have back to back mentorships starting next week.


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  9. -I am preparing to take delivery on an aircraft.-

    whoa ... how did you get the dough for that ?
  10. he makes money trading, thats how
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