Which market data feed?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Sky123987, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for a data feed that
    1) has the ability to read say only the NYSE quotes, or all the ECNs (the ability to turn this on and off)
    2) has a well written / developed API, and good documentation
    3) is reasonably priced

    Activ Financial meets 1 and 2, however it cost $2500 / mo. I was hoping ~ 200 to 300

  2. One more thing. You should not pay thousands of bucks per month, every month, just for ordinary, real time data from the NYSE. Most of the companies on http://quotetracker.com/qsources.shtml charge very little or nothing. Charges are $19.95/mo and up. There may be additional fees, like "exchange fees", but they too, tend to be small as well.

    And, here is one more thing. You could open and maintain a small account with a broker, pretty much any reliable broker that charges nothing for "account maintenance", and then, if you do, you can have your real time NYSE data feed, for FREE.
  3. Thank you,

    I'm looking for a high end data feed with nothing missing. I've gotten 2 solutions so far. Activ and Wombat. I'm going to call Wombat tomorrow and see their prices
  4. You are missing the point. When people talking about professional real-time feed, they mean uncompressed, unfiltered streaming tick-by tick data. Compare professional data feed like Activ Financial with IB, IQFeed, eSignal or other provider, and you'll be in shock how many quotes you are missing. For chart guys it's probably OK, but for those who run black boxes, it's imperative to see every tick.