Which major FXDC broker declares out-of-business first?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Gcapman, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Gcapman


    I say IBFX is probably the first one to go

    I also think that FXCM and Oanda merge in Jan 2011....
  2. NevouS


    OK? Based on what? Both Oanda and FXCM <-(surprisingly) are well capitalized as far as I know. Plus they have different business models in terms of spreads, leverage, client account management...
  3. Gcapman


    I have my own reasons for saying IBFX.....since there is nothing concrete, I will not say except that it is logical in terms of the food chain

    FXCM has actually been decreasing their ad budget lately and seems to be on the hunt for acquisitions/partners (source is fxstreet.com article I read sometime ago from a contributor or maybe even the owner)

    I think it's more about client acquisition than anything else....plus "we're the only game in town" kinda thing

    We'll see in a few months,,,,,
  4. NevouS


    Ok... Well if anything I would think that people would switch from FX to Oanda... Seeing as people should learn that you don't need 200-400X leverage... Paying 1 pip vs 3 at Oanda is obviously a better choice.
  5. Gcapman



    What are you talking about?

    It will be 10X leverage for everyone in a few months.........

    Also, the pip spreads are ridiculously better at FXCM than Oanda

    IMO, these are the only 2 real bucketshop alternatives
  6. cstfx


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