Which Linux distribution do you use?

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    Which one, if it has already been mentioned, mention it again so we can see the most popular. Do you have any problems with it?
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  3. I don't think it's really all that important which distribution you use. I use Gentoo, because it was the first distribution to support AMD64 natively, and it is the most flexible in terms of upgrading and installing individual packages. On the other hand, there are some aspects of Gentoo which are very poorly designed and user-unfriendly, even by open source standards, such as the initial installation process, and maintaining config files in /etc.

    I hear Gentoo's getting an installer based on Red Hat's. That'll be a big step forward.

    Unless you mean kernel version? I'm running 2.6.10.

  4. This question would be more correctly posed as "Which Linux *Distribution* do you use ? Version really refers to the Linux kernel only.

    I have three Linux machines:

    One Knoppix because it came installed with Knoppix and I was too lazy to change it. (Athlon 2800XP, 1Gbyte, Two good quality 19" CRT monitors at 1600 x 1200). Updated to 2.6.10 kernel, KDE 3.2.2, X11 R6.8.2.

    One Red Hat 9. (Athlon 1500XP, 384 Mbyte). Headless.

    One rather old Dell Laptop (Inspiron 7500) with Redhat 7. (PIII 600Mhz, 192Mbyte).

    I *never* have had any operational problems other than two disk drive hardware failures. Not one failure due to software - ever. All machines are completely stable. The Dell laptop has run for *5 years* without a single failure of any sort. It was used constantly on a daily basis for software development and as an X terminal for SUN servers.

    I have never seen Linux machine crash other than through hardware failure.

    The laptop also has Vmware and Win98, NT4 and 2000 guest operating systems installed for MS Office and access to MS Exchange email servers. Vmware is a truly excellent product.

    Aside from the hideous desktop that came with the preinstalled Knoppix, my only real complaint was the time zone set as a LILO boot parameter, which I think is just plain stupid and cost me a bit of time trawling through startup scripts to find out what was going on. A user should not need to run lilo to change the time zone.

    I prefer KDE to Gnome but that is personal preference. Either one is good. I would rather use KDE than Windows any day. Some notable features -

    * Configurable 'snap to' behavior for Windows. Nice for organising a trading desktop where there are likely many open windows.

    * Ability to set 'always on top' or 'always below' behavior for any individual window.

    * As with most X11 desktops, multiple virtual desktops that work properly (unlike the MS Windows multiple virtual desktop add ons) with the ability to pin any window to all desktops.

    * Proper multi monitor support. Maximise to current monitor (not all monitors) but still able to drag maximised windows across multiple monitors.

    I also run Samba for file sharing with a Windows XP box and printing configured to print to a network printer on the XP box. It all works without any problems whatsoever.

    I don't think it really matters much which distribution you use. Except Gentoo which is probably not for the novice unless they really want to learn something or you want commercial support in which case go for SUSE or Redhat. If you want conservative ultra stable, go for Debian.
  5. TRUE!
    Tried many. Settled for Gentoo on 4 computers.

    PS: anybody knowing about running TT X-trader on linux trhough Wine, Crossover, VMWare, etc?
  6. Best chance is almost certainly Vmware. Just about anything that doesn't do exotic things to hardware should run. I don't know how you would go trying to run Vmware with multi head display and Xinerama. I would guess probably OK in a window. Full screen mode ???? No doubt Vmware support should be able to answer. I've tried QCharts and couldn't get it to run under Wine. Also QT and could almost get it to work. I have had it work with earlier versions of QT and Wine, so I think a little more effort with QT might be rewarded.
  7. Hi Craig,
    I'm running Xinerama. I can run Vmware in one screen only though. Never found any solution for multiple screens with VM.

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  8. Wine was probably trying to do you a favor... :D
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    Can I install any program I want in linux, like microsoft office and other programs like adobe photoshop, dreamweaver etc.
    If this takes a special program does it alter the performance of linux or the program like photoshop.
  10. dude you should run gimpShop anyways for linux..
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