which license i should have to have job related to derivatives?

Discussion in 'Options' started by daytrader06, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Just want to know, if i want to have a job related to derivatives like option, future,swap and etc, which license i should have?

    cfa? dms(derivaties market specialist)? or .....?

    any comments are weclome
  2. What derivatives--Futures or equity? What kind of job--broker, quant, prop trader?
  3. what derivaties?

    what job?
    broker, quant, or prop trader
  4. You missed the key question. Futures or Equity?

    You can trade options on both, and the CFTC regulates one, SEC the other.
  5. ha,yeah,i did,didn't i.

    actually, i want to know both, license for options on futures and on equity.

    have you ever heard about DMS(derivatievs market specialist) or alterantive investment license, something like that?