Which LCD?

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  1. I'm in the process of putting together a multimonitor trading platform, and would like some feedback regarding which LCDs are best. I've ruled out CRTs because I don't want to stare into cathode rays 12 hours a day, my space is limited, and would prefer to use something more energy efficient. Anyway, the best reviews I've seen are at www.tomshardware.com. They point out the importance of wide viewing angle (the wider the better), high contrast ratio, and fast pixel response time. The reviews are very good, but whenever I read a review I wonder about the significance of the deficiencies reported. Anyone having specific experience with any LCD monitor -- both good and bad -- are invited to comment.

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    I have a gateway FPD1510, and have been very happy with it. I don't know who makes it for them, but it has digital and analog inputs - I use digital. For a while you could get them for $299 plus shipping.
  3. Rigel


    Samsung 170T
    17" digital/analog
    220 brightness, 400:1 contrast
    High quality, nice looking.
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    A great LCD is the EIZO L685.

    This super-slim model sets definitive new performance standards for space constrained trading rooms and corporate settings with a frame that is less than 20 mm around the entire panel. Its 170° horizontal/vertical viewing angles, 400:1 contrast ratio, and 250 cd/m² brightness are the highest figures in the 18.1" class.

    That is somewhat expensive, but he is worth each cent.


  5. I've had a 15 inch ViewSonic LCD with digital & analog for more than a year. Love it. I run it with digital interface
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    I have been casually looking for the thread that had pictures of traders computer set ups. It was several systems with pictures and descriptions. Can someone paste that thread if it still exists?

    Thank You.
  7. Thanks Omega_ts

    I have read that the Eizo L685 is very high quality, but also very expensive. Have you actually seen/used one?

    Any other LCDs you would recommend?

    I have read that the Viewsonic MVP technology isn't that great. Comments?

    LCD's with wide viewing angles seem to be the most expensive. How important is the wide viewing angle?

    I'd appreciate any other information you have. I want an LCD that is easy on the eye, and am willing to pay for a good one, but don't want to throw money away needlessly.

  8. I have 4 ViewSonic VP150s and 4 Samsung SyncMaster 770 TFTs. Both work well in trading applications. The ViewSonic LCD doesn't have a standard mount like the Samsung VESA interface. A standard interface will save you money if you ever want to put together an array.

    The 15" ViewSonics were purchased several years ago. If I had to do it over I would go with the larger Samsungs (17 inches).
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