Which laptops for trading?

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  1. Hello, would like to hear which laptops are good for trading? Weather is getting nice so on some day's I'de like to able to go outside and trade while enjoying the outdoors, backyard, patio etc. Am not a gamer at all so the laptop will be used only for trading and surfing the web.
    Was looking at some Dell's, Best buy has one on sale intel core 2 duo, Vista home pre,4GB memory 320 GBhard drive. is this suitable? Don't know much about computers so father-in-law rec Sony's or Toshiba and to stay away from Dell.
    Any suggestions appreciated
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    Sony's are OK. I had a Toshiba that used to get so hot it nearly burned me. I like Dell. Check out the link below. We all use Dell stuff and get it here; used/returned stuff. I don't care that it's refurbished, it's cheaper and guaranteed/warranteed like new. This way if the banks spike and it falls in the pool while you are chasing them, it won't hurt as much.


    Go to Dell Outlet

    Actually, ask someone that knows, like at Dell. Gamer laptops have faster connectivity/RAM or whatever, I'm no expert. This may be what you want since you'll be running some graph's and a lot of data updating with your quotes. They are actually more $ for just this reason. Order's are tiny amount of bandwidth so it doesn't matter.
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    My toshiba shuts down by itself because of overheating.
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    Is it old? My Toshiba did that. I called and they informed me that there was a class action lawsuit. I got a box sent to me, returned it and eventually got a check for like $1000.
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    Yes, it's like 5-6 years old. A65-S126 model. Whom did you call?
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    It sounds like a Satelite A65, mine was a Satelite. I would just google it. I got something in the mail because I registered it. Sounds like they all had fan problems. Here is one link:

    About Toshiba Laptops Overheating
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    silly question...you have to realize, that this is depends on your style,system,applications you use and many other things..i have Pentium 1 PC with 64mb ram and huge 2 gb HD-works fine.. can i use it for trading? sure..i have no problems placing trades, using browser..
    i also have msi U100 netbook-works fine for me too:)
  8. Gateway refurbs. My 17", fully loaded gamers dream cost $750.oo, with shipping, and a 1 yr warranty thrown in.
  9. Take it back to the store where you bought it and exchange it for something else.

    Particular toshiba models are prone to overheating and the company knows about.

    Unfortunately they keep selling them. :(

    Last I heard is that there was a class action lawsuit against them about particular models.

    I had one and it overheated after just 5 mins.

    I called them and they told me they were aware of the problem and trying to fix it.

    I return my toshiba 3 day's later and then I heard about the class action lawsuit about a year later (there were several) about the company knowingly knew about the problem and didn't fix it.

    Anyways, a friend of mine recently bought a toshiba and it overheated within 15mins every single time (he tried it 8 times...it would overheat and then shut off all by itself).

    He returned his toshiba and got a full refund.

    Yet the store (futureshop.ca) still sells it.

    They never did and then a year later I heard abou because :mad:

    Another thing too is that I wrote a bad review about them at futureshop.ca customer review section...

    Futureshop.ca immediately removed the review. :mad:

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