Which KVM Switch?

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  1. Hello there--

    I'm looking to add a KVM switch to my multi-computer trading setup. I'd like to be able to share a keyboard and mouse between computers so that I don't have to have multiple keyboards/mice in my trading turret. If anyone is familiar with kVMs, I'd appreciate your input. The little research I have done has me confused since KVM switches are designed to share not only keyboards and mice, but also monitors, between two or more computers. I obviously don't want to connect monitors to the KVM switch, but rather keep them linked to their respective data feeds. I assume that I simply don't use the KVM's monitor switching facility, but would appreciate hearing from someone having direct experience with KVMs. I'm interested in knowing what brand of KVM switch works well in trading applications, and anything else I should consider.

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    Check out the iogear miniview 4 port USB II KVM switch. The model number is GCS124U.

    It can handle 4 devices while sharing 1 USB keyboard and mouse. It comes with USB and video cables in one. My setup is with a Macintosh and an IBM stinkpad. The common part is USB, and everything works great.

    The best part is that is has this on screen display and hotkey control. You can press the control key twice and a menu pops up to select a device. No more pressing the KVM to switch between computers.

    I am only using it with 1 display, so I can see that there will probably be a problem when I add another display.
  3. nitro


    I own a couple kvm's and have worked with many more. Here is my favorite for the price (mostly because it's rack mountable and seems to work well on different machines/OS's)


    There was a $50 rebate on this. I do not know if it is still on (although when I tried to get my rebate, the bastards said I didn't send them the right information. Yeah, uhuh.)

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    "although when I tried to get my rebate, the bastards said I didn't send them the right information. Yeah, uhuh."
    That happened to me with Microsoft C++ software I bought. I sent the boxtop with the big holographic symbol with numbers on it and they sent me a note saying they needed the other end of the package instead with the small unobtrusive little plainly printed bar code on it. Of course I'd thrown that away. Next time I'm sending the whole frigging box.:mad:
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    can you use a kvm if u are using 4 monitors, a wireless keyboard, and 2 different os on each comps. any traders experience problems with this type of device thanks
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    I was thinking about this while on vacation, and it dawned on me that it might be Post Office employees theft - it would be easy to do.

    Next time, I think I will send it in a bigger envelope os that it is not so easy to tell what is inside. If you think about it, it's like sending money by mail.

    Cotsco is the only one that I know of that honors these things. They told me that they have had so many problems with the vendors that they instituted the policy of distributing the rebates themselves.

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    fwiw, I'm using a kvm to share 1 of my 21" monitors between Mac, and PC. What you have to be careful about is the maximum resolution and screen refresh that the kvm supports. If you are running 21" monitor at 1600x1200 the refresh must be at least 75Hz or you will go blind at the end of the day (flickering). Seems obvious, but most of the KVMs don't support this refresh. yes, they will get to 1600x1200, but at 60Hz.

    Just my 2 cents.

  8. nitro


    The KVM switch above does support high frequencey monitors at high resolutions. From the description:

    "...Supports ultra high 180MHz video resolutions up to 1920 x 1440 pixels without any noticeable degradation..."

  9. Jaba122


    Great. However, it doesn't say what the vertical refresh rate is :). Belkin's also support large screens...at 60Hz...lol :) Just out of curiosity, what are you using this monster for? 8X1?

    It does look interesting. I'm wondering if they have ADB port emulation for using 1 keyboard/mouse under both PC and Mac... Thanx for posting this link.

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    I run a bunch of servers.

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