which kinda system is better for daytrading es ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by moneyfx, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. moneyfx


    elliot waves?
    patterns ?
    pivot point ?

    I trade forex but I think forex is so time consuming and risky.
    I want to tarde nasdsaq and s&p 500 fut but I dont know which system is better for day trading index fut.

    and may someone recommend me a free platform ?

    thanks in advance

    sorry for my english
  2. moneyfx


    no answer !!!!!!!!

    is there any real trader here ?( who trade for living )
  3. Your problem is that most people reading your question would consider it so broad as to be stupid.

    Also the "I trade forex but its too time consuming" invites the same sort of questions. You can trade forex for the same market hours as the dax or the dow so it doesnt have to be time consuming. Similarly the suggestion that forex is more risky than ES is very strange.

    Instead of pursuing the question spend some time reading whats already been written on this site.

    Its not that there are no real traders here ... its that they read your question and can't be bothered answering it. Not sure why I did.

  4. The best system is the one that you create on your own from putting in the time to make it work. Here is a starting point for trading YM.

  5. Schaefer


    Vol, he just told us it's too time consuming and he has no time :D
  6. =============


    Save some time, skip elliot except basic principle,
    you are welcome;
    start making plenty of notes,YM,ES.

    Takes lots of time ,wish had more time for NasdaQQQ futures, but only have time for underlying NasdaQQQ stocks.

    Paper notes /notebook ,they are written wisdom, & cheap;
    fed reserve[US dollar] notes are exspensive:cool:
  7. Get some data and a simulator. Get on the net and find some setups and or systems. There are thousands of them out there. Trade them on the simulator for a few weeks. You will find that none of them will generate consistent profits even on a sim. You will then at least have an idea of what youre up against. The most important ingredient in any system or setup is the experience of the operator and experience only comes with hundreds of hours of screentime on whichever market you choose.