Which is worse: Losing, or opportunity lost/leaving $ on the table

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  2. β€œIt's not whether you're right or wrong, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong.”

    ― George Soros
  3. southall


    Only one has the potential to really wipe out your account.
    However given that some losses are inevitable, then if you miss enough profits then those missed profits will also result in an eventual wipeout.

    Also consider:

    A) Taking losses that are a part of your rules
    B) Taking losses that are outside your rules.

    Type A losses are not supposed to be bad at all (assuming you have edge)
    Type B losses are really bad especially if you are doing so on a regular basis, they have the potential to negate your edge.
    Likewise enough missed profits also have the potential to negate your edge.
    And a negative edge will eventually lead to a wipeout.
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  4. Well said
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    Losing is part of trading. but make sure it is within your trade plan.

    if you suffer many cases of opportunity lost / leaving $ on the table,
    you are in great trouble.
    if simply means you are unable to centre your mind and you lack concentration.
    And hence you will be unable to earn $$$.
  6. tzachi


    nothing to think about.
    losing is LESS money in your account.
    Not earn has no effect on your real account, its just a virtual emotional issue. There are million ways to miss an opportunity to earn. It does not hurt your bank account.
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    It's a tricky balancing act with very little wiggle room either way before your money disappears.
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    seems splitting hair?
  9. Handle123


    Leaving money on the table is an unknown or a dream, like getting in of Bitcoin at $3,300 watching it rise to $13,915 and price action screaming to get out, yet you are dreaming of $20,000. And now it $7k

    Too many traders dream and have to learn acceptance in this business.
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    Losing is losing. It's sucks, and it's just irresponsible and unrealistic to expect for it to never happen. The twist is that a good trade is a trade in which you followed your rules, win or lose.

    Lost opportunity is more insidious. The cause is where one needs to look... it can be an aloof (or even biased) attitude (just don't feel like trading), a lack of discipline to follow signals/triggers, or no signal/trigger. If no signal/trigger, an opportunity to make your system more robust is at hand!

    Leaving money on the table, has all the insidiousness of a lost opp, along with the same twist associated with losing... a good trade is a trade in which you followed the rules... You can not beat yourself up for taking profit under that guise. Simultaneously, an opportunity to make your system more robust exists.
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