Which is the ticker of the non-leveraged UYG?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by crgarcia, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Dow Jones US Financials index
  2. XLF
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  4. I dont mean to sound rude or mean, but if you cannot recite the 9 sectors of the SnP then should you be trading? There has to be some sort of basic understanding...
  5. Because I'm not trading.
    I'm investing.
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    IYF is the ETF for the Dow Jones US finnancial Sector....No leverage.... UYG as you know all ready is leveraged product.

    XLF is a S&P product not DOW
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    You shouldn't be investing if you can't even do that.

  8. Surdo is a maniac but guess what,he was the only one that actually helped the guy out by posting a link to the SPDRS. if i was'nt broke i may have to take surdo out to a strip joint where the dancers have no morals.