Which is the NYSE uptick rule @Open?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Moa, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. Moa


    I know it has been explained here in some thread that is, as it seems logical, the diference between last's day tick (Close) and the day's first tick (Open). So if Open > last Close then the Open is an uptick an you can sell short at Open.
    But searching the web I have also found another version saying that the Open tick sign is the same as the last Close tick sign, so the Open tick sign is determined by the diference between the 2 last ticks of the previous day.
    Can somebody confirm one of this two versions please?
  2. lescor


    If yesterday closed on an uptick, you can short at today's open if the stock opens unchanged or higher. If yesterday closed on a downtick, you can only execute a short if the stock opens up .01 or more.
  3. fader


    can anyone help and confirm if the same applies to Nasdaq and AMEX?

    also, where would one find more details on this? thanks in advance.
  4. fader


    also, does yesterday mean "official" primary exchange close or does it include after-hours close?