Which is the best trading platform for stocks?

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  1. Hi Guys !

    I am new on this forum and the the reason I opened this thread is because I am looking for the best international trading platform that will allow me to trade stocks from my Country (Romania). The problem I am facing here is that I don't have a lot of options in regard with the stocks I am interested in. I read something about some platforms like Lightspeed, Interactive Brokers, that they could offer me a good trading experience in regards with my needs but I also have some doubts because of others trading experience on those two platforms.

    Could you give me any recommendation or should I go with one of those two mentioned.
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  2. d08


    Interactive Brokers is most probably your best option as a non-US customer.
  3. Robert Morse

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    We as a brokers, only offer access to US listed exchange. Sterling Trader Tech owns Lightspeed and Sterling and might offer other brokers access to your markets, but not us. The exchange routes are set up by the broker, not the third party software.
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  4. Vuu


    You can use a normal international broker that offers both currencies and stock. Try Forexchief broker if you want to trade with less than $10,000. The broker have a more friendly platform, lower spreads and fill orders quickly.
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    Not good to recommend a broker from where you most likely can't get any money out. Based in Vanuatu - known for strict regulation. Are you affiliated?
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  6. Hi sir,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Can you give some details about the Interactive Broker platform, regarding the fees like commissions per trading (commission per order). From my research, on their website, I've noticed that they have listed an 10 $ inactivity fee which is consider to be a high fee comparing to other platforms.

    Does this inactivity fee result from not being active the whole month?!

    Also, are there any disadvantages or limitations for trading from Romania like for instance order priorities and by that I mean the order not being filled by any means or delay in order execution.

    As my final question on this reply, does the platform provide you customer service support or any kind of relationship between the broker and the customer?

    Best regards,

  7. d08


    I'll be blunt. If the 10 dollar inactivity fee is an issue for you then you shouldn't be trading or investing. It should only be a rounding error in your account. I recall that you have to generate $10 in commissions per month in which case there's no inactivity fee, I might be wrong.

    There are no disadvantages compared to other customers, your orders work the same. IB has servers in US, Switzerland and Hong Kong. The only delays that are under your control are the ones between IB servers and your connection.

    Of course there is customer service, both phone and online.
  8. RKJSF


    Who do you consider the best if you live within the US? I was going to go with IB but now im not sure if they're better options out there.
  9. Mark2m


    Look the bottom line is IB is your best bet. I have been using IB for the past 12 years, the problem with them is minimal customer service, they expect you to know what you are doing. The major drawback is their Charting is from another era, think Sega 1990's, keeps reminding me of my kids. But as far as execution and pricing they are the best unless you are looking at pink sheet, OTC , high volume low prices, than you can probably do best in other areas.
  10. IB is a good platform to start with. check our tradestation also
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