Which is the best tax software?

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  1. Previously I have used a tax accountant to do my taxes. I’m thinking that all he does is put my info into a software program and that I can do this myself. Last year I had income from both futures and retail forex accounts. I also moved so I need to file state tax returns for both California and Illinois (partial year returns). Just to make things more complicated, at the end of last year I started working for a prop firm where I get paid as an employee (W-2). Can anyone recommend a software program that can handle all this?


  2. turbo tax premiere home and business is what i use and love it. so easy to use.
  3. Thanks vhehn. I ordered Turbotax Premiere Home and Business. Is it able to do state returns or do I need to order their state version as well?
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    Does it handle wash sale calculations?
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    turbo tax -crappy software.
    read it-

    also do search about it.
    tax cut is better. bottom line-for single family taxes, purchasing copy of any of this soft with federal and state did not worth it.
    price will be around 50-60 bucks. and it will work only for one year.for this money accountant can visit your house and do them right on site. + he will be responsible for any errors and it will take less time. unless-you download and install some illegal copy from kazaa or something like that and you do have experience with using tax software.
  6. The C-Dilla/registration stuff has been removed from TT this year after the outcry from consumers last year.

    And to correct a statement regarding who is responsible for an individuals tax return...... it's the TAXPAYER, not the preparer. You sign your return. If you can prove negligence by the preparer that may be another situation.

    I've had a few people try to ding me for a return which had an error according to the IRS. It was the taxpayers fault because they failed to provide accurate data for the preparation of the return.


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    I've used both Tax Cut and Turbo Tax. I would have to say Tax Cut is superior.