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    Hello Folks - I wanted your input in your experience which company has developed the best (or most popular) mechanical trading systems (or charting software) that offer buy/sell triggers. Stocks & Commodities has consistently ranked AbleSys as one of the top ones. Anyone have any experience using AbleSys? Ofcourse there are a plethoria of systems one can purchase off the web - most cost an arm and a leg - but amongst the 'gurus' on this site, which one would they recommend I look into for equities/fx trading?
  2. I believe the consensus will be:

    The One You Write Yourself.
  3. How much do you want to spend ?
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    I am willing to spend as much as I have to depending on the quality of the software.
  5. azmi unless you wanted a trend following system that returns 20-30% annually and can handle equities, futures, fx, you wont find a system that works for equities and fx that gives the kinds of returns Im guessing that you probably think you can get out of a system.

    My suggestion for FX is follow the collective2 systems, Ive seen ones there that have huge returns. The systems gave you trades, but the logic is not disclosed. You could likely try to same for equities.

    Developing a system on a platform like tradestation can take 6months of part time work to get to the point where its profitable.

  6. i think i have the best trading system out there. for futures
  7. I wouldn't pay much attention to the S&C ratings. They are supposedly voted on by subscribers, which, even if true, make the results unreliable.

    If you look at the results in Futures for commodity pool operators, whcih certainly have access to the best systems money can buy, you will not be overly impressed. At the end of the day, all systems are either trend following or oscillator-based reversal systems. Either will perform well in the right market.

    Futurestruth has a large database of system results. You might want to check with them,although they too have been criticized.
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    I have looked at Collective2 systems - but I find it hard to disclose my credit card info on a site that has such limited and not to mention dubious information -let alone no phone number for contacting the person. I dont know how reliable those systems are and if anyone on EliteTrader has used them I would appreciate the feedback.
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    mama - if your system works so well on futures then cant it work just as well on fx and equities?

    would you care to elaborate - not to ask you for any trade secrets or anything cause I am sure if its as good as you say it is you should keep it to yourself. But just a glimpse of greatness would be appreciated.

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    Very unprofessional, and probably untrustworthy - I wouldn't recommend them to anyone I cared about.

    I have attempted to contact them courteously through e-mail at least four times regarding extremely inaccurate trade reporting on a few of the systems that I know the logic of; I provided ten examples to them in detail within a thirty day period. Some of these systems succeed only on a very thin margin and nearly perfect fill environment and don't need any invisible helping hands from C2 to display their viability or lack thereof.

    I have never received an answer or reply back from them, stating past performance will be corrected, addressed in the future or just a acknowledgement of the observation - nothing. However during this time, I had noticed some of the trade reports that were being corrected (same vendor but different system) - but only when it was to the benefit of the system performance being tracked.

    The taste I came away with from this was that performance misrepresentation was an objective, not a problem.
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