Which is the BEST list for value investing ?

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    Just as this is the best list for traders, which is the BEST list for value investing ?

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  2. I've asked this all over the net with no success. So if you find one, let me know!
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    You mean penny stock trading? I got a long list of those type stocks, over 500 at last count.
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    Value companies are tough to find in this market, unless you go into micro caps. Companies like BP and RIG are undervalued for obvious reasons. But again the point of value investing is to take minimum risk, so BP and RIG may or may not fit that criteria depending on your opinion of whether they are going to face bankruptcy or not.
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    Thanks for these notes

    I agree that value investing is NOT easy

    However I wish to know IF there are some mailing lists / boards / forums for value investors ? and IF so where ?

  6. Some of the AAII value screens are decent, you might try any forum that discusses those...


    Keywords: Buffett, Dreman, Graham, Lakonishok, Lynch, Neff, Oberweis, O'Shaughnessy, Piotroski, Schloss, Weiss.
  7. APC is probably one of the trades you wish you placed in a year.
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