Which is stronger, fear or greed?

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Which is stronger?

  1. Fear

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  2. Greed

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  3. I'm the moron who ruins poll results

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  2. Fear is always stronger than greed, thats why a popular misconception is that newbies overtrade. patently untrue, in fact if anything they UNDErtrade
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    Just posted this in another thread recently; I think it answers the question.
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    It depends upon the gain vs pain ratio.
  5. Redneck


    Fear – it’s why price falls on average 2 ½ times faster than it rises

  6. It is not very intelligent to associate greed with long and fear with short.

    Both are associated with mental mistakes usually associated with linking a balance sheet to doing the trading routine.

    There is a line in the sand that has to do with learning to count chips after the game is over. It is a before and after thing.
  7. for the first time, jack wrote a sentence that I can understand. :D
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    When one get’s past the elementary BS you espouse – it is not very intelligent to associate fear and greed with anything but rising and falling prices

    Get past the “everyone around here is a mental midget/ emotional wreck” crap... Every trader is responsible for standing on their own two feet, their trading, and their success or failures – period…

    Oh that’s right your ego won’t allow that will it guru – always feeding the reliance on you – as are the only one with all the answers

    My ass

  9. I read somewhere in that a statistical study of price behavioral psychology they found that the fear of missing out on a Market move is 4 times greater than the fear of losing money.

    To simplfy: Greed is the fear of missing out on something
  10. So much for "Redneck" being a gentleman all the time :D
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