Which is honest, high quality FX Broker/Platform

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  1. Hi there all you FX folks!

    I need a recommendation or two for which FX dealers are reputable, honest and have decent software to use.

    Please no spam Ads or BS promos - just need some real feedback from real traders that are happy with their platforms/brokers.

    So who has it all? Good platform, tight spreads, big margin, great execution, liquidity and a company that won't steal my money or go bankrupt next week?

    Most Gratefully,


    PS I have tried a few demo accounts and that is why I'm even more confused - some have good software but crappy charting or interface, some execute well but are cumbersome, and some are probably thieving crooks.
  2. I have been very pleased with OANDA. However their charting is not suffecient for me so I use another charting program, metatrader, for charts.

    A lot talk about FOREX brokers is at Moneyec: http://www.moneytec.com
    I would try there for a descent review and some opinions of FOREX brokers.

  3. Thanks for the help! :)

  4. do a search on elite you will find more info on fx brokers
    for the cash market
    and or fx futures
  5. Sheach


    I have been live with CMS for over 6mths. No problems at all, good spreads and excellent charts. No re-quotes and orders filled quickly. All stops have been honored and they are continually improving their software. Some people don't like them after only trying out their demo which worked of a different server and was continually dropping out. They have just updated all their software and seems to be running smoothly now.
  6. Paul, I have only been around for about 3 months mainly searching... learning.

    Here's a link to my broker recommendation page. If the broker is on there they are worth checking out. If they are not, you may do just as well forgetting about them.

    You may very well end up using one place for the trades and another place for the charts.


    Sam (ps: Try GFT Forex out for the demo for charts)
  7. ...to all that have replied so far - please keep 'em coming!

    Just think, more fresh meat to take the other side of your FX trade.... (throught the dealing desk, of course)

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    I hear that IB will have FOREX this year, anyone can confirm that?
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