Which Is Harder To Train?

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  1. BSAM


    A. A bag of rocks.

    B. An NRA spokesman.

    C. A cranky old donkey.

    D. An AOWM.

    E. I'm sorry, I can't participate because I don't understand the difference between B. and D.

    F. I'm sorry, I can't participate because I don't understand the difference between B. C. and D.

    (Instead of a poll, please just choose one with your comments.)
  2. yeah a dumbass liberal would try to train a bag of rocks.

    I wonder how many hundreds of millions of dollars in research with taxpayer money they would insist on throwing at the project?
  3. E and F insinuate the readers are stupid, obviously this is a statement we need to spend more money on education. hire more teachers.

    C is a big problem, Why does the donkey always get the bad rap? Cranky? A common misconception, the donkey is "stubborn" Why is that? God dam years of oppresion, working for the man with no pay a few crumbs for food with piss poor unheated shelter from the elements. that's why?

    A. A bag of rocks. I don't know where you got your bag of rocks but rocks are regulated. Most good rocks are found on state and federally protected lands, and are property of all of the citizens of the country and it is a felony to use a bag of rocks for commercial exploitation such as "training".

    D. This is becoming more and more common as AOWM realize they have out lived their dick.

    B. I defer to Sgt Schultz...."I know noottthhhhingggg."
  4. Ricter


    Lol, awesome! Never heard this one before. Had to tell the wife, she said, "wow! that should go on a poster!"

    It occurs to me the greater share of meaning in this is symbolic, the "dick" representing so much more that's been outlived.
  5. Rocks should be banned because they can kill people.
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  7. Why don't you tell the bitch for me:
    "How about quit making that nasty thing bleed if you aren't gonna use it anymore?"
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    Bull Shit in the Morning?
  9. Bone Smoking Ass Monkey

    Buffoonery Stupidity Assclownery Moronity

    Brainless Stinking Aborted Miscarriage

    Bitchy Suck Ass Mangina

    Buttheaded Stupid Adolescent Moron

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    Looks like he really got to you.

    : )
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