Which is faster ? C#.net or VB.net

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    Which is faster ? C#.net or VB.net.

    I know that Realtick supports both but they say that C# is the future of Realtick as far as implementing new things.

    But the question for me is which is faster.
    It seems that they're probably the same since they both get translated into another level.
    Any one know.
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  3. Long ago (Visual Studio 6 timeframe) $soft started down the path of a common interpreter ..... The so-called "common language runtime" (CLR) makes the choice of language largly irrelevant within their tools environment.

    For a partcular task it can matter but for general purpose use I would not worry about it ..... Use the one you know best. If you know neither then its a tossup - although I would be inclined towards C# simply because there appears to be more support for it going forward within $soft.
  4. Use C# if at all possible. We have a consultant at my company from Microsoft and he says all Microsoft's non-core .net classes are written in C# (the core ones are C++) and their focus going forward will be C#. In terms of speed as stated before it all runs in the CLR and all compiles to the same intermediate language code so there is no difference.

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    I had to integrate some classes written in C, with others in VB.NET in Visual Studio and found it to be quite seamless. Difference in performance between the languages appears to be irrelevant due to the Common Language Runtime. At least I can’t tell from what I have experienced.

    One thing to keep in mind, however, is what Realtick offers in terms of sample code. It’s probably all written in C# so it would be helpful to be able to read the language. And if you don’t know any language then I would start with C#. At any rate, I surmise that whatever Realtick offers in the future must be compatible with the .NET Framework. You just reference their .NET component to your application in Visual Studio and then write your stuff in your language of choice.
  6. Funny how their "focus" obliterates the army of VB programmers and requires them to learn - at company and individual expense - a technology decided upon by an outside entity over which they have zero control.

    Now, there are some technical reasons that $soft made this choice but there are also marketing reasons. Subjecting your customer s to your marketing plan just makes customers leave faster .....

    Again, for our company we have ZERO tolerance for this type of shenanigans and it is another illustrative reason we have forbade $soft from doing business with us.
  7. This is an excellant point... we moved over from VB to VB.Net but everywhere we go we get a lot of resource code ONLY in C#... and there are 5 million VB programmers right behind us dealing with the same thing so its not enuff that we have to reLearn a new style of VB but also don't get the required resources to implement it properly...

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    If You Have The Vision We Have The Code
  8. Its the same old saw from $soft .... Say one thing, do another. They have repeatedly failed to live up to their promises to customers and partners and thus they have zero credibility with our organization.

    $soft comes first, customers second. Our decision ? We dont need vendors like this and especially if we have the ability to remove them from our company - which through open source systems we do.
  9. That M$ "consultant" is doing a great job in helping you to stay out of focus.