which is best the direct access broker

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by shadowtrader, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. trader3


    Can you tell us why you closed your account at IB?

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  2. qazmax


    I only used them for options, because they would not tell me how their "smart" router worked in detail. I require this of my stock broker.

    Aslo, I could not make them to function from behind a firewall... tech support was useless. Before I had a firewall they seemed O.K.

    Are you account recovery? Don't waste your time if you are... When someone uses "us" an not "me" I wonder who the us is?

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  3. trader3


    Pretty funny you say that because I changed the "us" to "me" and then back again. The "us" was meant to be the forum readers in general instead of just me. I am not affiliated with IB, but have heard a lot of different opinions about them and was curious.

    Thanks for your quick reply
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  4. qazmax


    The one thing I noticed was that IB always had some tech problem. It was not always their fault sometimes it was the exchange that was down.

    But, they had a little ball icon that told you what was malfunctioning, so you could at least know what was going on.

    I traded options very successfuly there and must say I liked them for it. I much prefer PreferredTrade for stock execution, and the options are comparable there.

    I think if you are into futures and international trading you cannot beat IB.

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  5. TraderC



    You're one funny dude. A while ago you were bashing PreferredTrade, and glorifying IB.

    On Preferred, you said, ``But the system itself is not very dynamic. ''

    On IB, you said, ``IB has advance routing and always has the latest and greatest.'' Do you remember that?

    I guess you changed your mind on IB really fast.

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  6. nitro


    I am astonished.

    I talked to some people about Andover and they urged me to call them. I did and I can't believe it:

    1) .01c per share or better
    2) .02c per share for BULLETS - 100 share minumum!
    3) Retail arm so you don't need a series 7, and you get SIPC.

    Now I have to check out the software and the executions....and whether the bullets are fast or they have to be "called" in...

    Check out http://www.andoverclearing.com/

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  7. trade4me


    lol. Yeah I've seen the new commissions but I still think its because of my dazzling looks. :D

    How is the platform you are on? I've never looked into it but I would contemplate stepping up to it. I think its about time I call the boys at prophet. Did I lie about those guys being friendly or what?

    Well, I think I'm off to bed, my head hurts from being squeezed (my shorts went up nicely today). Although one of my shorts came back down after the close today, QLGC. I think they and ELX will be in play tomorrow. Any thoughts on QLGC anyone?
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  8. Eldredge


    Where did you find the commission info? I read through what I could find, but couldn't find anything about commissions and fees. I also was unclear about their margin. Do they offer 4x day and night like IB? Thanks for your help.
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  9. QLGC

    What an ugly chart! But a nice exercise. Here is my call.

    First and foremost, unless QLGC has accelerated earnings growth on the horizon, the P/E at 52 is way too high. So if the E is not going to reduce the ratio, then the P will have to. Cut the price of this stock in half to about 20 and the P/E is still 26. Fundamentally, that is not bad, for a growth stock... if the growth is there. I don't know... is it?

    Technically, the stock is presently trading below the 200 and 50 day sma's. Resistance was met today at the convergence of the 40 and 20 day sma's. A strong day in the market did not take out yesterday's high, thus breaking the two day uptrend of higher highs and higher lows. Aye chihuahua!

    This puppy dog is going to 18-19.
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