which is best the direct access broker

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by shadowtrader, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. mktman


    Have read that many times.
    My belief fault at both ends.
    Hope you can find peace somewhere.

    VERY happy with TS, like Kymar.

    btw dont work for them.
    You work for Cyber or Brown?
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  2. It doesn't matter what firm you trade with as the experienced trader will find out. The idea you trade is the most important. You can trade at scottrade for $7 if you look for cheap. If you look for ideas you go elsewhere. This thread is quite disturbing.

    Its like saying I can only get shagged on a posturepedic mattress. How cares once your getting shagged. It doesn't matter. In the end the undercapitalized firms will all go out of business anyway.

    So happy trading did anyone play the qqq's yesterday what a day for the indexes.
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  3. TraderC


    Do you see me promoting Cyber or Brown? I only tell people when asked about my broker.

    I see Kymer promoting TS every chance he gets. Please don't become like him.
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  4. alanm


    I disagree. It depends entirely on your trading style. For example, some of the strategies that I trade have very small edges, that are not even possible to implement at many brokers, and are not profitable at others due to commissions. At IB, I make > $100K/year with them.

    Not to mention that some brokers have problems that require a ridiculous amount of your time to resolve - time that could be spent on research, development, etc. to contribute further to profitability.

    Brokers _do_ matter.
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  5. If you can't trust your broker I don't know how you can trade with them.
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  6. vinigar


    Without a doubt in my mind.... IB is the best
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  7. Does anyone have any experience dealing with Apexfutures? They accept Canadian corporate clients, which is a must for me. Commissions are 13.90 round trip. Wanted to go with IB, but they do not accept Canadian corporate clients.
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    Trade4me, I got on board with Prophet Trader, but I believe that I am on a different platform from you guys. I went with the IQ platform instead so I guess I can't join your group. I appreciate the invite though. Maybe we can set up a chat room?
    Also did you see that they came out with their scaling commissions? I guess it may not be because of your good looks after all.

    Happy Trading
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  9. Scotttrade has a low 7 dollar commission I was wondering if anyone ever tried them. ANYONE shorting the dia here. I wonder if there is a place that you can trade with and also get research and maybe ideas.

    That would be cool a trading place where you could get ideas. Something like a direct access hedge fund. Wishing list for Santa Clause:D :D
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  10. qazmax


    It is strange that no one mentions the destination of the order when you discuss the commision carges?

    I have an account at E*trade, PreferredTrade, closed one at IB recently, and in the works to opening ThinkorSwim account.

    But the one thing I have learned is that the commission charges are based on where the order is sent and how many trades you make. e.g. PT offers different commish charges.

    PT offers a $9.75 flat rate (or a $15.00 trade anywhere you want). But the catch is your order is routed to a market making firm (NITE). PT surely receives pmt for this.

    If you are a hyper active trader I believe you can get .01/share at most firms. Usually this means more than 100 trades/mo. or higher (some 500!) for some firms.

    Other firms route to ISLD whenever they can because ISLD pays for adding liqudity and makes the broker look good with instant modifies and cancels. Any firms that charges more than $10 for ISLD trades is robing you. In my IB account I noticed I was always popping into the ISLD book.

    When your order goes to ARCA it is routed outside of ARCA and ARCA has to pay for fees and direct links, so you order costs more.

    The bottom line is you should know where your order is going and what you are paying for.

    For destination ECNs it should be cheap.
    For MM is should be very cheap.
    For ECNs with full features and smart routing it should be more.

    Plus, now there is AMEX Nasdaq on monday morning Aug 12. Will your trades be able to execute there if AMEX is at the NBBO?

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