which is best the direct access broker

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  1. Kymar


    Sorry. Though I tried to throw in some concessions, I realize that my tone may have been unnecessarily harsh. Having wasted time and money at the wrong brokers when I was first starting out, I fancied myself "saving" a "newbie" from the same mistake, but I admit I don't know the first thing about Prophet. I didn't see anyone sticking up for some of the alternatives, and my main point was just that it's probably wise to examine everything that's available.

    Your post suggests that you're a thoughtful individual, and I have no doubt that you've made a wise decision for your own purposes. I'm also aware that the Tradestation6 platform does not suit all traders by any means. If, however, for some reason, you were interested in trying it out, and the only thing keeping you from doing so was per-share pricing, you might call them up and inquire about alternatives. I know that when they changed to per-share pricing, switching over was optional. You might be able to get the old commission schedule ($9.95/ticket + fees), or even something better, if you trade very actively and in size.

    Good trading...
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  2. TraderC


    Before anyone try TradeStation, I would recommend him/her to read about my experience with TradeStation posted a while ago --


    Kymer, it's about time that you tell everyone you work for TradeStation.

    How much are they paying you?
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  3. There is no such thing as a happy Tradestation user ...
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  4. What´s wrong with TS6 ? I use it since Jan 2002 and I had less than 60 minutes downtime (cumulative) so far.

    :) (_happy_)
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  5. Kymar


    Hey, despite our difference, I even went out of my way to try to help you out, after you were completely through with TS and had trashed them at length, and now you respond with crap like the above...

    Anyone who's read my posts on ET - those related to TS and those that have nothing to do with it - can tell that I'm a trader, not a shill.

    As we've seen on this board, people tend to get attached to their broker/software, maybe a little defensive. If you're happy with a situation, there's nothing wrong with defending it, especially against apparent obsessives who have an isolated bad experience for which they are probably at least in part responsible, and who, instead of moving on, keep on returning to it over and over...

    And what's stranger, having months and years of mostly positive experience with a vendor/broker, and sharing thoughts and impressions, both good and bad, or having a single unpleasant experience and still going on about it months later?
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  6. mktman


    You seem to be one of the very few (minority) with a major problem with TS.
    I switched to them along with several friends.

    Could some of your distaste for them be your fault?

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  7. TraderC


    I don't want to keep repeating what I have already said. If you don't understand why I warn people about TS, please go back and read my thread

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  8. mktman



    You missed my point.
    Read that long ago.
    Your gripes well known.

    Fault could be on either end.

    Btw have you switched brokers again?
    Since you switch brokers soooo often wonder how anyone will satisfy your requirements?
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  9. TraderC


    I still don't think you have read my thread. Otherwise you won't say the fault could be on either end.

    As I have said before, I am still using Brown & Co and CyberTrader.
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  10. mktman


    Have read that many times.
    My belief fault at both ends.
    Hope you can find peace somewhere.

    VERY happy with TS, like Kymar.

    btw dont work for them.
    You work for Cyber or Brown?
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