which is best the direct access broker

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by shadowtrader, Jul 23, 2002.

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    hmm, all but one of your posts refer to pointdirex.

    Advertisers should contact Baron. If you continue to promote PointDirex in every post, I'll have to remove your posts from this thread.
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  2. maxtrax


    I don't know who is the best but I know who is the worst. AB Watley the customer service guy was really condescending to me today. Naming them the worst is saying a lot considering I was with WebStreet Securites a long time ago. They would have to be number 2.
    I see 2 brokers on this thread, Pointdirect and Prophet Trader . I am going to checkout these two. And I will let everyone know how it goes. Cybertrader was mentioned here but already, they don't sound too hot.

    hows this rally today!
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  3. gaj


    i left watley almost a year ago; best move i could have made. i left in the midst of the RT / UT fiasco, lack of shorts, and crashing 2-3 times a day from their end.

    they had some good people there, but the problem was, they were woefully understaffed, and had lots of people who couldn't handle basic knowledge. the tech dept. was a joke; their favorite line, "it's a problem with your ISP"...even after i told them i had formerly done networking work, and here's what the problem *was*.

    why would you want to stay with them? go to yahoo's message board / news on watley (you'll have to go there 'through' another board - http://messages.yahoo.com/?action=q&board=abwg ) and you can see the bad news.

    check out the stock price on the pink sheets, the 10Q and the delays...and i don't know why anyone would stay there. if you don't trade much, there's cheaper / more efficient sites...if you trade frequentyl, there's cheaper / more reliable / more user friendly sites.
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  4. hans130


    Who are you trading with now and what are your rates? How is the software and reliability. I am trading with RJT now. They have increased my rates and now looking into full direct access brokerage. Any suggestions. I am looking for good rates and software.

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  5. maxtrax


    Shadowtrader, are changing your brokerage firm too? I called Point Dirext and Prophet Trader today. Point Direx customer service was not that hot. It seemed like the guys was going something else while he was helping me. I could hear him tying somehting out the entire time. The amount of trades needed to have the software waived seem pretty high, 500,000 shares needed per month. I usually trade 1k per ticket, so I think I would have to make 500 trades to get the software for free, am i calculating this right? I don't know

    Prophet Trader was pretty good. I downloaded their demo and called one of the brokers. He actually took me through the entire platform and pointed out all the features and stuff. I think I monopolized his time for like 40 minutes or something but the guy was friendly and patient the whole time. Shadowtrader was it you that said you were with these guys? I want to know how the executions are. If you could PM me I would appreciate it.

    Anyway, I may try Prophet out but I want to checkout another site first. Anyone has any suggestions?

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  6. maxtrax


    Sorry, Trade4me it was you that was with Prophet Trader. Can you PM if you have the time and tell me about the executions. Thank you.
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  7. In september 2002 the best platform will be opened for business highly capitalized and offering IPO's and DPOs and cheap trades. If anyone has a wish list of the ideal trading platform please answer this message since we want to make sure the items you need are included from day one. In this market there will be only a few survivors. Patience is a virtue that the old wise men have and young men can't understand. WHen the trader tells you he has 10 years experience look at the back of his head he has plenty of lumps and bruises from the wacking he has taken.

    Bright and the other long term traders - Our hats go off to you. As far as the rest of the quick trick traders and firms just remember that is why they have millions while the rest cry about losing thousands.

    This market will separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls. So ladies and gents martini's are on us.

    Make your wish list Santa is coming to town.

    :p :p I see you dude and so does every one else.
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  8. maxtrax


    Thank you for the heads up. I guess I was too complacent. I should have shopped around earlier. Who do you trade with?
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  9. Shadowtrader

    I've been using cybertrader for a couple of years now. I think you gonna appreciate these guys alot more after you try some of the other companies. If I were you i'd try Tradestation. By the way, PROPHET charges 15 bucks for a limit order.

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  10. Phreedm


    For the past 3 years I've been using MyTrack..............shhhh. Do you hear the gasp? Not sure why so many dislike them. While their commissions might seem high their execution and routing is excellent.
    Coupled with MyTrack I use SierraCharts. Great combo.
    As for PointDirex, I've sent 2 emails over the past week with no response. So this morning I called, and was told they couldn't understand what happened to them. ???
    I was told my funding info would be emailed to me within an hour. That was at 9:00 AM. It's 8:00 PM now, and still no email.
    Around 10 this morning, I had a return call from someone named Jerry. Condescending is a good description. I guess one gets what they pay for.
    For some reason I've had a change of heart in trying PointDirex.
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