which is best the direct access broker

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by shadowtrader, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. I currently use cybertrader. I want to change primarily because of their commissions. They advertise $9.95, but you have to make 500 trades to get that. I noticed that many brokers are like that.

    Anyone use a broker that actually charges $9.95?
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    Lol. I know exactly what you are feeling shadowman. I used to be with Cyber trader myself and thought I would be getting that 9.95 rate. That commission scale is really deceiving. You have to trade like a bastard and your avg. commission will never get to 9.95.
    I switched to ProphetTrader.com , 9.95 starting from the 1st trade. They got a good bunch of guys there. Give me a personal message later and i can fill you in on my experience with Prophet.
    Anyone else use Cybertrader?

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  3. I can see the rain drops falling now that the blame is gone. Dow 8000 has been achieved what next?

    Trading is an honest sport those that try to taint it will find them selves like enron.

    IB is the better deal net net. Don't believe the hype.
  4. Hmmm,
    Prophet = Fasttrader??

    Their website design look very similar.....
  5. shadowtrader........ you must be on the cyber commercial......"i shadow the ax"
  6. point direx software sucks!!! I had an account with them and it had problems every damm day!!


    I did soo many trades(300,000 shares per day) they said I could trade for free for the next month if I promise to stay.....I left!
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    i agree it use to be bad put now it works great
  8. I went through the same decision process. I switched to Interactive Brokers about a year ago. Haven't regretted it.
  9. I've never used them BUT Ameritrade is the proud owner of the Tradecast order entry system which is tops. And, they'll work on the rate if you're busy.
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