which is best for the iron condor SPY or SPX?

Discussion in 'Options' started by jgold310, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. jgold310


    I have been using the SPX but I find it a little hard to get good fills when you go too far out of the money. I heard you get better fills with the SPY. The margin on SPY is 15% or 20%?

    which one do you like best?

    Thank you!:p
  2. i like options on es mini the best.
  3. I agree with the newguy, I think options on futures right now are better than spx, just trade small tho until you get a feel for the difference in them. Also trade them only during regular trading session. Obviously spy is far more liquid but of course much smaller contract so transaction cost really eat into your profits. SPX is an absolute killer when you NEED to get out or roll your contract.
  4. search for the "spx credit spread trader" journal by optioncoach. this was thoroughly discussed there.
  5. OEX, used to be the most liquid many....many moons ago, I guess it must still be the most liquid of em all and it is electronically traded!
    Any comments/inputs on that anyone?
  6. OEX is still american style cash settled? I believe thats still true which makes it a bitch and that was one of the reasons when other products got listed they took a huge amount of volume from the OEX.
  7. Good point, but I think you mean european-exercise/cash-settled.

    Few things are more frustrating than having the index open on Friday against you and not being able to trade out of it. (Although you should probably get the hell out of a short positions way before that)
  8. No actually i think they're still american style cash settled which is worse. How bout waking up and fidning out you got assigned over night and now your delta is totally different then the one you went home with.

    The friday opening settlement is no big deal, and yaa they jerk the opening prices of the components around so you better make sure your mess is cleaned up before Thursday ends.
  9. MTE


    OEX is American. XEO is it's European counterpart.